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Friday, October 2, 2009

Who Occupies the U.S. Government? Where is their Loyalty?

Symptoms of the Occupation

by Bill C. Davis

Any voice that rises up to expose the occupation of our government needs to be applauded and encouraged. The discussion however is not Republican or Democrat – the discussion is: Who is supporting the occupation of the United States government – who regulates and inspects – who legislates – who guides the flow of the US treasury? Who and what are these occupiers loyal to? The occupation is the core issue – everything emanates from that. It is beyond a house divided against itself – it's a house unified against itself representing a people who are urged to react emotionally and negatively against any truth spoken.

Congressman Grayson called it what it is. He enunciated the sub text of inaction. Inaction is action when lives are on the line. What is telling about this moment is that someone spoke the truth that is heaving beneath the numbing rhetoric that assaults us daily. If you don't have health insurance you will die faster and your quick death is desired. Grayson called it an organized reality. This is what caused the uproar and indignation.

I've heard objections to his use of the word holocaust in his second speech but he must not back down even from that. Holocaust means destruction or loss of life on a massive scale. The word is charged. It was used accurately. As well as the horrific genocide of the European Jews it has been used to describe the results of a nuclear war as in a "nuclear holocaust." The cold blooded bureaucratic assault on the uninsured has what has to be deemed an intended consequence. One has to say that it can be nothing but intended. It can't be ignorant neglect. It's not your gene pool that is the "crime" – it is your economic status.

"Never Again" must apply to any group of people targeted for death by a power structure. Admittedly, the action is more subtle, the barbed wire invisible but the agenda exists. There is a group of people that have been evaluated and vetted to have no place in this society and the powers that be are saying in clear legislation and with permission to the marketplace, they must be systematically eliminated. They are evaluated as useless, non contributing, burdensome and parasites. Grayson said it. Everyone knows it's true, particularly the ones who are most indignant.

The reps that shrug and smile heroically claiming "we try and we'll keep trying – they just won't let us." are as culpable as the ones they bemoan. "My good friend on the other side of the aisle" is a loaded appellation. There is a camaraderie in the different fronts of the occupation. Opposition, argument, and provocation seem calculated and the net effect is distraction and inaction – and non-representation.

The Occupation needs civility and rapid response to disquieting truth. The junior congressman came close to calling the lack of health care a kind of genocide. Will he get away with it? He says now, it was tongue in cheek – the word holocaust may not be the right word. So one eruption of truth will now get watered down and the Occupation will resume – and the symptoms will continue and our reputed reps are unable to address the underlying condition that causes the symptoms because they are the underlying condition – and until that is exposed and remedied the symptoms will persist.

bill c. davis is a playwright.

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