Thus we begin our journey. Mitt the pitts is a wannabe POTUS and all his pals that have been protecting his organized criminal empire of Bain are now all hoping to join the likes of Karl Rove and John Ashcroft with massive paydays. As we go on this journey, the chance that they will take me out grows larger with each and every day we get closer to November. It is my hope, that if they succeed, some of you will carry on the case and I am here to provide you the evidence - all within public docket records.

           I, Steve Haas, more commonly known as "Laser Haas" do testify Under PENALTY of PERJURY, this, the 29th day of March 2012 - that;
       Bain Capital, managed and owned by Mitt Romney in 2001 - did conspire with Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, the MNAT law firm in DE (that works for both Goldman Sachs and Bain) to dump the public company of eToys and Steal the Federal estate thereof clean. There's proof of more than one-hundred (100) crimes committed in this case, including, but not limited to, Perjury, Collusion, Intimidation of Victim/ Witness, MisPrison of a Felony, Bankruptcy Fraud, SEC Fraud, Federal Corruption and Racketeering.
                                                                         s Steve "LASER" Haas
                                                                         100% sole Owner of "CLI"
                                                                         The Federal Court Approved  
           Any 1L student can prosecute this case. The fact is the evidence is almost all within the public docket records. We even have confessions to lying more than thirty-five (35) times, while under oath and even confessions that many were left to deceive the court "intentionally". So that you understand this issue (for those who want to do as I have and learn about the LAW) - just read about the book written of a Wall Street Lawyer put in prison for Bankruptcy Fraud (yes, there actually was 1). It is about John Gellene from the NY firm of Milbank and Tweed. The crime Gellene committed was also committed here in the eToys case - as well as 100 more.
   Professor Nancy Rappaport's Review
  Georgetown University review of John Gellene case
  My Favorite - Lou Jones Breakfast  - but I can't find the link. Google has made it where I have to link to them  1st (and hope you get it) - but I will download the PDF and post it online. It is a fantastic review against the many arguments attorneys would use to find fault with Gellene being arrested.