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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leonard Peltier on Facebook

Basic Info

Learn the latest news regarding American Indian activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier, currently housed at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in PA, after being transferred back from Canaan FP in late January 2009. This transfer is temporary.


Leonard Peltier
United States Penitentiary
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Contact Info


Recent News

If you're having a hard time getting through to the White House comment line at 202-456-1111, another option is to call the main White House line, which is 202-456-1414. This will get you into the system, and you'll be prompted to indicate that you want the comment line. You'll probably be on hold for a few minutes, but it might be faster than repeatedly getting a busy signal.

Prayers and positive energy for Leonard tomorrow and every day. Thank you each for all that you do.

We are hearing from people that the White House comment line is continually busy...pretty safe to say we know why...!

Keep those calls coming - you'll eventually get an opening. 202 456 1111

Way to go...
6 days and counting...
Thank you for your advocacy efforts. You have all been amazing.
History in the making...

LPDOC Leadership Team


I thought you might like to listen to the interview Wanbli did with Leonard's attorney, Eric Seitz, who will be handling the parole hearing which is coming up on July 28th. The link is:


Within the interview, Eric highlights several action items we can be doing now, in these final days before the hearing:

1. Lay a good foundation to create favorable public opinion for Leonard to be paroled with everyone you know.

2. You can google archived editorials from the NY Times, Post and Boston Globe on granting Leonard parole. THEN - take these to your local newspaper, ask them to publish an editorial ASAP regarding granting parole. If you achieve this, please let us know, so we can let our legal team know.

3. Get your elected officials to weigh on on granting Leonard parole. Ask them to write a letter and fed ex to the LP DOC (address is on the www.whoisleonardpeltier.info site). We will then get the letters to the attorney.

Obviously the time frame is critical. Thank you, thank you for your efforts. We are more optimistic, and with good reason, than we have been in 20 years. This is the first time Leonard has truly, absolutely qualified on all criteria for parole. We must be realistic, but there is reason to believe the climate for parole is more favorable now than in the past.

We are so grateful for your support. Leonard is more grateful that you can possibly know. We tell him your efforts - he hears the messages you send us. He knows the massive nature of support. Now, we must make the parole board know...with your help we will achieve that.

LP DOC Leadership Team


Greetings friends...

First off - thank you for your efforts. We know that Leonard is scheduled to see a specialist. Excellent news.

Secondly - please take time to listen to our brother Wanbli. Broadcast was yesterday. Web site is: http://www.nativetube.com/video/535/Leonard-Peltier-FIRST-VOICES

Next - hopefully you can join Peltier supporters at Lewisburg on July 28th - the date of the parole hearing and World Day of Prayer for Leonard. If not - please hold something in your own area - even if its just you and a sign at a coffee house. People will ask you about it and you"ll have an opportunity to share. By the way - if you're feeling uneasy about case details - the broadcast above will give you the needed information.

Last - the White House has a comment line. The number is 202 - 456 - 1111. Call and message that you are in support of parole for indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

Today is July 10th...July 28th is so close...take a moment as you read this to send thoughts, prayers his way. We're so close...freedom. It is time...


FROM KARI ANN COWAN / LEONARD'S NIECE: I received a disturbing call from Leonard today. He is now having blood in his urine and he desperately needs to have an oncologist examine him. A general practitioner operating in the prison system is not sufficient; he needs to be seen by a specialist.

Your support with letters and phone calls to the proper officials is greatly needed at this time. The urgency is due to his previous scare of cancer. Only a specialist can determine the state of his health. According to his medical he is supposed to receive an exam every three months, but according to Leonard he has only been seen once a year. How can this be?

As everyone knows one examination can give you warning, anyone who has had a prognosis or scare with prostate cancer, you need to see an oncologist and be examined regularly. He has never received proper medical attentions for his medical problems, unless this problem is addressed by his supporters he will not get this matter taken care of. As we found when he did not have his diabetic supplies last year, until the outcry was so great. Then they could not deny him.

Please ask the warden at Lewisburg Prison to give Leonard Peltier the proper medical attention he has the right to.

Warden Bledsoe ~ Warden for Lewisburg Prison. The prison number is: (570) 523-1251 Fax: 570-522-7745 E-mail address: LEW/EXECASSISTANT@BOP.GOV Lets get him the treatment he deserves.

Kari Ann Assistant Coordinator Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee contact @ whoisleonardpeltier.info


Greetings friends,
We need to keep up our efforts in this critical period before the parole hearing! A couple of thoughts:

Certainly if you are able, we hope that you will join Leonard Peltier supporters at Lewisburg on July 28th! How amazing for Leonard to know that during his meeting with the board, many of you will be outside the prison in solidarity with our brother.

If you cannot go to Lewisburg - organize an event in your area - a vigil to be in solidarity with those in Lewisburg. We would love to see rallies going on from mid July on thru the 28th. July 18th is a Saturday - might be ideal.

BUT FIRST - Please contact the LP DOC just in case there is something already organized in your area from one of the support groups - they are an incredible voice for Leonard. Ask for Ben or Wanbli and they will be able to put you in touch with a support group in your area. www.whoisleonardpeltier.info or call 701 235 2206.

For our supporters outside the United States: gatherings at U.S. embassy sites would be powerful. We would like these to occur mid-July -July 18th is a Saturday so might be good for people because of work etc. Please let me know details by July 20th, so we can let our legal team know this information well ahead of the hearing: where, how many people attended, and a light overview of what happened. (July 20 deadline)

And if for some reason you just can't...hold a good thought for our brother that day. Keep the energy flowing for freedom. July 28th is World Day of Prayer for Leonard - join us in whatever your practice is that day - keep all the thoughts flowing to him that day...thank you. Hold a sign on a corner in support, gather with friends at a coffee house with a sign for Leonard, whatever you can - and know there will be millions of people around the world doing exactly the same all day on the 28th...Invite people to join us...now is the time for freedom!

Know that you are all very important and every thought is an action, every letter important, every message valued by all of us - but most of all Leonard. Thank you. Peace... Billie

Message from Leonard

Greetings my friends and relatives,

I want to start off this statement or speech or whatever you want to call it by saying again as I’ve said before thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and for standing up for right wherever you are. I can’t express to you in words how extremely grateful I am not just to the people of America but to the people all over the world who have supported the cause of Indian people and myself.

I know a lot of you have given up a lot to help so many in my predicament. Daily I am made aware of political prisoners around the world. Many who have been killed or tortured or who knows what for trying to right the wrongs in their area, country or nation. I have been asked to make statements in support of other movement people around the world from time to time, South America, Europe and other places. People who love freedom, people who love the earth, people who love their family, people who love the freedom to make their own choice with their own resources, and all indigenous people- we share a common bond. The bond of brother and sister hood, the bond of believing there is a greater power than ourselves. And I don’t mean some government power; I mean the greatest power in all the universe the Creator Himself.

We also as human beings upon this earth have to recognize that there have always been those who suffer from an illness called greed. They have an appetite for gaining material wealth that is never satisfied. They have an appetite for land that is never satisfied. And the most common symptom of their illness is indifference to the suffering they cause with their quest. These people are the ones that have identified themselves as our common enemy. It is so terrible that under the guise of religion and shouting freedom they pit one people against another. This isn’t something new. All down through history it has taken place. All down through history there have been men, spiritual men, holy men, great thinkers and philosophers who have tried to unite us against this common enemy.

Today my brothers and sisters I want you to know that if nothing else if we don’t unite against the destruction against the Mother Earth we will have a common future that is void of clean air, clean water, and basic freedoms. We must reach our hands out to embrace others to the cause of life. We must do our best from where ever we are with whatever tools available to enhance and further our quality of life. We must find a way to break down the barriers that divide one people from another. We must find the things we have in common and find ways to solve our differences as basic humanity. We must evolve to a higher level of thinking or to as you might say a traditional level of thinking which obviously is superior to what they call progress today. Our traditional values taught us to live in harmony with Earth the greatest manifestation of the Creator that we have to relate to. Our
traditions taught us to respect our bodies the greatest gift we have or possess as an individual. Our traditions taught us to preserve the environment for our children and all our future generations. As a member of the American Indian Movement these values are what we were about. Poverty isn’t solved by money poverty is solved by attitude. The problems we have today among all our people are caused by attitude. They are caused by an attitude that was given to us in boarding schools and on reservations that were nothing more than concentration camps in the past. They are attitudes by people who came to us talking to us about God and wanting us to embrace their version of religion and as one brother said once, “They told us to bow our heads, and when we looked up our land was gone, our culture was gone, our children was gone, our way of life was gone.” And now the air itself is

I have been in this cage for some 34 years and though I have been caged I have sought the spirit in prayer of our brother the eagle, I have sought to have an overview of things for as anyone can see I don’t have the freedom to examine life from a close perspective. And from this distant view, abstract view, this detached view, at times I get to see the destruction and divisiveness that these political powers that have scattered us for so long have involved themselves in promoting among our people. I don’t know if it is because I am older now or because my future is so uncertain or if through some spiritual inspiration I deeply want to say so much. I deeply want to move you to do something to save our earth and our children and our children’s future. I didn’t get to raise my children; I haven’t got to really know them or my children’s children. I may never get to, but I
love them all just the same. And I love life as much as anyone on the outside. And I don’t know how long I will walk this cage. Some days I feel quite healthy and energized and some days I feel like the 64 year old man that I am. I’m always hopeful that I will be free at some point, perhaps in the latter part of July after my parole hearing, and perhaps I won’t. The people that hold me, the FBI and the conglomerate corporations that have for so long controlled the resources of this country and others and for so long have done their best to stifle, to denigrate, and to vilify the voice of the oppressed are some of the most formidable well funded political people on Earth. I was told that the FBI themselves are some 10,000 strong.

I am but a common man, I am not a speaker but I have spoken. I am not all that tall but I have stood up. I am not a philosopher or poet or a singer or any of those things that particularly inspire people but the one thing that I am is the evidence that this country lied when they said there was justice for all. I am the evidence that they lied when they extradited me from Canada. I am the evidence that they can lie at your trial, they can manufacture evidence at your trial, they can intimidate witnesses at your trial, they can have back room conversations and agreements with the judge at your trial. I am the evidence that the attitude, the powers that be still hold us in a grip. They hold us in an emotional grip. They hold us in a poverty grip. They hold us in a cultural deprivation grip. I could go on and on about the things that go on that weigh so heavily against our people but
the bottom line is my case is well documented by court after court after court, by hearing after hearing after hearing, by statement after statement after statement. And we as a people are the evidence that this country fails to keep its treaties, this country fails to keep its word. This country has failed to follow its own Constitution - the treaty between the people and the government. We are that evidence. I am nothing more than evidence. That is why people all over the world and here at home have supported the cause of justice in my case. In my particular situation I can’t say that there will ever be any level of justice.

They cannot give back the 34 years of life that have been taken from me. They can not give back the life of Joe Stuntz that they took June 26th 1975. They cannot give back the lives of the 60 something people that they directly or indirectly caused the death of. They cannot give back the thousand upon thousands of Indian people that were killed and abused since the inception of this government. But the one thing we can do, we must do, is find a way to change their attitude. My brother Leonard Crow Dog once said, “If you want to change the white man you have to change his religion.” And religion is a word that means how you do something on a regular basis; most generally it is associated with your spirituality. Perhaps with global warming as it is and the changes in the weather patterns and the questionable future that faces the earth, they will start to listen. Maybe they will
reach back and embrace the words of our people foretold again and again. We must live the way that the Earth will renew itself every spring. We must help them reach back. We must speak to them at every opportunity. We must make an effort to reach back ourselves to our own cultural values. And in doing so we can start to solve the many destructive challenges we face. We must more than ever before find a way to heal the wounds of our children and prevent the social illnesses that are so prevalent across our reservations and communities. We have the tools, we have the teachings, we have the philosophies, we have the culture, we have the artists, we have the singers, we have the philosophers, I could go on and on but in essence what I am trying to say is it is imperative that we bring together all our resources to enhance the future for our children in a way that they themselves can
further the healthy teachings of our culture and way of life; and in doing so I have no doubt that we can change the world.

If I am freed next month or if I die in prison remember my words and remember we are evidence that the Creator made a beautiful people a people that respected the Earth and nature and each other. We are evidence on every level of goodness that when the Creator made us He meant for us to be free. All our traditions have taught us this way. And even this very form of government that exists today was copied from our people. Our people with our foods, our medicines, belief in freedom and right to choose have influenced the world. Its too bad they didn’t adopt a healthy attitude that we had toward the Earth or an attitude of respect for us the first keepers of this portion of the Earth. If there is something about me that this government can point at and say is wrong or any person say is wrong I will by my own choice, if it proves to be fact, seek to fix it myself. But I also want to
remind them the policies that have been in place for so long have made us what we are today. The policies that have been in place for so long, have created another reservation called Iraq and another reservation called Afghanistan, and the list goes on and on, you see what’s happening over there is what happened here and all down through North and South America.

I am just a common man and I am evidence that the powers that put me here would like to sweep under the carpet. The same way they did all of our past leaders, warriors and people they massacred. Just as at Wounded Knee the Fifth Cavalry sought its revenge for Custer’s loss and massacred some 300 Indian men women and children then gave out 23 Medals of Honor and swept the evidence of their wrongdoing aside. Perhaps this statement is somewhat more lengthy than the others I’ve made; perhaps it is some things I should have said before and perhaps more, if so I hope you will forgive me. I recently was thought to be having a heart attack because of pain in my chest. After having been beaten and kicked and stomped in the last year, I am not quite sure what was causing the pain. I had never been beaten, kicked and stomped like that before. And also I have never been 64 years old
before. The one thing all this did for me is it really brought home my sense of mortality. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in this prison. And I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life in some prison of the mind, heart or attitude. I want you to enjoy your life.

If nothing else give somebody a hug for me and say, “This is from Leonard.”
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

Leonard Peltier

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2009

We have learned that Leonard has passed his treadmill test and his heart appears to be all right. We thank you for your efforts to secure health care for our brother.

LP DOC Board & Advisors

JUNE 19, 2009 - Legal has informed us the PAROLE HEARING has been moved to the next day - JULY 28th.


Days Inn will give a discount to any one if they say they are there for the Peltier parole Hearing Vigil.They are 1 mile from the prison - phone number is 570.523.1171.


United States Parole Commission

5550 Friendship Blvd., Ste. 420

Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286

(Insert Date)

Re: LEONARD PELTIER #89637-132

Dear Commissioners,

I am writing in behalf of support for Parole for Leonard Peltier . While I am aware of the seriousness of the conviction I am also aware that people have the ability to go forward out of the past and give to the larger society. I believe that is the case with Leonard Peltier.

I ask you to consider the humanitarian work he has done during his 33 years of incarceration. More than most people can ever do who are not locked up.

I ask you to consider his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for the 6th straight year. There are those who make light of this but who else among us have had that honor.

He consistently donates his art work for charities such as battered women's shelters, half way houses, alcohol and drug treatment programs, and Native American scholarship funds.

Mr. Peltier has won several awards including the North Star Frederick Douglas Award; Federation of Labor (Ontario, Canada) Humanist of the Year Award; Human Rights Commission of Spain International Human Rights Prize; and 2004 Silver Arrow Award for Lifetime Achievement.

He has expressed sadness for the tragedy that occurred that day at Oglala and pain for the families of the two agents and the Indian man that died that day.

Thirty-three years is a long time. I ask you to look with empathy upon a 64 year old man who over the 33 years has done so much good while in prison, and I think has the ability to do even more good for the community if he were to be allowed parole.

While I know of the misconduct by government officials in his case, I will not bring details up because I am certain that you are aware of the misconduct, and will consider that as you have the discretion to rule above or below the guidelines. I would hope that you will exercise that discretion in favor of Leonard Peltier. It seems to me it would be a gross miscarriage of justice if he were left to die in prison.

Please grant parole.


Your name


UPDATE JUNE 10, 2009
This group is asking for Leonard's release as their 2nd demand. Please check out the web site about baking bread in our nation's capital - The Change We Knead Now.



Dear Friends,
Often I am asked the simple question – ‘how’s Leonard?’

On any given day the answer can be much the same – he’s in good spirits, thankful for the many brothers and sisters of all nations who care about him. He shares with us about his latest painting, or the latest letter he has received that so often gives his heart joy.

But then, there is the answer between the lines. He rarely talks about it, but we only have to explore beneath his courageous exterior to know his heart – a heart that longs for freedom. A heart that longs to feel the sunlight on his skin, the wind against his back. To hear a bird sing or walk along the plains. To be home…

We are in a time that is unparalleled for his case. We have a new president who has studied Leonard’s case in law school; a president who has already exhibited that he is not afraid to make decisions which some might deem politically risky. And we now have the date set for the parole hearing. Perhaps this really is a season of change.

The work of the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee is vast. Our staff and board work closely with the legal team. We are committed to raising awareness about Leonard’s case and the true facts. The LP-DOC wishes to share the beautiful message of Leonard’s art work, which stands as a testimony to what one can do under the most adverse of circumstances. Most of all, we do all we can at the many advocacy levels to support our brother, our friend and bring him home.

Today’s economic reality has also had an impact on our work. We are watching all expenditures, cutting travel and even some support to staff. As we live into these difficult times, we are determined to rise to a new level of efficient, proactive advocacy to secure freedom for Leonard Peltier. We can only accomplish our many goals with you as a partner, walking this journey with us.

Please, if you are able, sit down and write out a check to the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee today, or establish a monthly automatic withdrawl from your bank account to the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee. Help us to affect profound and lasting change – freedom! Thank you. Please help in any way you can.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Billie K. Fidlin

Chair, Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND 58106
Phone: 701/235-2206

Fax: 701/235-5045

E-mail: contact@whoisleonardpeltier.info

Check out YouTube Videos - there are 3 total - entitled:
Free Leonard Peltier Rally Feb 6th, 2009 Boulder, CO pt.1 of 3 - then search out for parts 2 & 3.

Elected members of Congress will return to their home states for Spring Recess April 4 – 19th. After April, next break will likely occur at the end of June, but check your local reps' offices for dates. Now is the time to schedule a meeting to talk with your state senator or congressperson about Leonard’s case. We have an opportunity to ask our representatives to take a position on Leonard’s release. This is the time!

Seize the opportunity to educate the many new ‘freshman’ members of Congress who may not know the specifics of the case or even about Leonard Peltier. Meet with those who are sitting on the fence. Others who are long time supporters need to be asked to become Leonard's champions in this important year. You might want to frame your request for a meeting with a phrase similar to "How may we work together to seek justice for Native Americans? How may I help you in your role as a leader?"

The ASK – Have your representative write a personal letter to President Obama urging the immediate release of Leonard Peltier.

Talking points:

1. Leonard's served over 33 years in prison.
2. The government has conceded that it does not who shot the two agents.
3. The government is still fighting vigorously to prevent the release of thousands and thousands of pages of documents under FOIA--documents that should have been turned over to defense attorneys years ago.
4. Leonard will turn 65 on September 12th and he is not in the best of health.
5. Leonard was brutally attacked on January 13, 2009 by two other inmates and prison officials did nothing to prevent the attack from happening.

Hold an awareness event on June 26th, or contact your local LP DOC Support Group to see about the event they will have - please let me know what you're doing - worldwide - large event or small - up to you! Awareness of LP's case will mean everything this year...


NOTE TO GROUP MEMBERS - If you wish the ability to have indepth conversation regarding the Peltier case etc - please request me as a 'friend' so that we may work within the guidelines of Facebook. Thank you.

MEDIA RECOMMENDATIONS: Books: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse - by Peter Matthiessen & Prison Writings by Leonard Peltier. Very definitive. Also - the documentary Incident at Oglala. The DVD can be purchased on Amazon and likely other places. These 3 are necessary sources of information...let us know if you need any help.

UPDATE: On January 30th, word was received that Leonard has been transferred back to Lewisburg for his safety. This is an amazing turn of events. The move is tempoary and our work must continue to ensure both his safety and a move to an institution that is reasonable and just.

In early January 2009, American Indian prisoner, many say 'political prisoner' Leonard Peltier, was transferred from the federal penitentiary at Lewisburg, PA to the penitentiary at Canaan, PA. The next morning, the 64 year old Nobel Prize nominee was attacked by fellow inmates, also Native American. Bruised, bleeding and injured, Peltier has no definitive recall as to why he was assaulted.

Leonard Peltier was convicted in the seventies of the murder of 2 FBI agents during the firestorm of bullets, at Oglala, on the Pine Ridge Reservation - native soil, not U.S. soil. He was tried after the government failed to convict two other individuals. A Native American died in the gunfire as well that day. No one has ever been arrested or tried in that death.

No evidence exists to conclusively state Peltier is guilty. Mr. Peltier has now been in prison for over 33 years.

The gaping lapse in credible evidence, the only 'witness' discredited by her own admission, and a non-ballistic match are just some of the details that have surfaced over the years which discredit Leonard Peltier's conviction. To the layperson seemingly any of these details would set Peltier free. Of course it would be helpful if any of these details could be given full audience to a parole board, clemency hearing or president considering pardon. This has not happened. It remains to be seen in his upcoming parole hearing if any new evidence will be allowed.


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Sending prayers from Africa
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Christine Anton (Ireland) wrote
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Leonard's cards for today, July 28.09.
1. Frogmouth, or secret keeper. This is a bird that represents the wisdom we gain from the elders, the secrets they keep and impart to us only when we ask and are ready to receive their knowledge. He has been asking.
2. Porcupine, or personal protection. As you can well imagine, Leonard is protecting himself today.
3. Hawk, messages. Hawk is a direct link to Spirit. Hawk is bringing Leonard messages of love and hope from Spirit and from all of us. I can't tell you what the message is. Only Leonard and the hawk know.


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