The Least Interesting Man in the World

Oh dear, oh dear dear dear -- it appears Max Baucus has only begun to drive up the stocks of his lobbyists' companies:

Two of the three Senate Republicans negotiating a bipartisan deal on health care reform said they consider an agreement out of reach before the Senate goes on its August recess.

That likely dashes the hopes of Democratic leaders and President Barack Obama for a deal among the so-called Gang of Six negotiators that could deliver critical momentum for the stalled health care overhaul.

Who could have anticipated that Max Baucus cannot even negotiate a capitulation?

Meanwhile, it may be time for Harry Reid to come in and bland something over:

In an apparent warning to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.), some liberal Democrats have suggested a secret-ballot vote every two years on whether or not to strip committee chairmen of their gavels.

To their credit the Republicans have such a system in their conference. So that's one, one for them.

Meanwhile, Humana and Blue Cross are getting a good return on their $1.4 million daily investment.